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The evidence base for medicines in mental health never stands still. Continuing education for professionals - psychiatrists, nurses, pharmacists, social workers - is essential. 

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Service development - improving adherence to prescribed medicines

Improving adherence to treatment is essential if outcomes are to improve. Low-cost interventions to improve adherence improve the effectiveness of health interventions and produce significant cost-savings. Without a systematic approach to support adherence, advances in treatment will fail to realize their potential to reduce the burden of chronic illness. Developing interventions to support adherence may have a far greater impact on the health of a population than any improvement in specific medical treatments.

My approach is to offer analysis and synthesis of the best available clinical evidence to underpin the creation of systematic patient-centred interventions.

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Patient information 

Information for patients and carers about medicines is an essential component of high quality healthcare. In mental healthcare, information available to patients is patchy and often of poor quality, yet there are compelling reasons to improve the situation. 

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Understanding how medicines are used in real clinical settings is crucial if health services and patients are to obtain the maximum benefit from them. I have worked with a number of organisations to improve understanding of the real-world use of medicines. 

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