Medicines in Mental Health Ltd


The evidence base for medicines in mental health never stands still. Continuing education for professionals - psychiatrists, nurses, pharmacists, social workers - is essential. I offer evidence-based educational sessions on numerous aspects of how to use medicines optimally in severe mental illness. A pdf file describing the range of sessions I offer can be downloaded by clicking the icon at the bottom of this page.

When it comes to developing education it is essential to provide challenging and inspiring interactive sessions that respond to identified therapeutic challenges. Confirmation that this is one of the most effective ways to deliver medical education was confirmed in a recent article by the editor of BMJ Learning – Dr Kieran Walsh - who said:

“We know that  . . . an audience that is interacting is learning more than one that is sitting passively, and that practical small group workshops are better for gaining new knowledge and skills than having 500 people in the audience doing nothing while the expert on the podium does all the work (and for those of you who have sat through too many interminable lectures then the above quote may have particular resonance).”

Pharmaceutical Marketing, March 2010 pp40-41